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This 10 week program is for individuals who are looking to get started in the sport of running – this is a program for people who are starting from 0 miles per week. It begins as a walking program with brief and structured periods of running/jogging to build “continuous time on feet”.   From there, it progresses into a run-walk, and finally a continuous running program. This true beginner program is for people of ALL ages who are getting started in their health and fitness journey and are starting from square one.

*Please note this program is for ALL ages and for people who are looking for the coaching and support to begin their fitness journey.  This program is also fully inclusive to ALL people regardless of any physical or cognitive disabilities.  This program is PERFECT for previous and potential participants of Access Steam.

Participants will receive:

  • Participants are given a weekly schedule from the coach
  • Participants meet once per week on Mondays at 5:45pm (12:00pm on Jan. 1) with the coach of the program for a structured work-out
  • Participants communicate directly with the coach
  • Cost of the program is $250
  • PERKS of the program
    • 10 week training schedule
    • $125 toward one pair of shoes, at the beginning of the program, at Running Central***
    • $25 in total toward reflective/light product(s) at Running Central***
    • Experienced coaching, accountability, feedback, and a great social network to build friends and training buddies
    • 15% discount on all regular priced and in-stock items at Running Central for the duration of the program

***Getting fit for shoes at Running Central and reflective product is mandatory


  • [Quarter 1] 1/1/18 - 3/11/18
    *The first practice will start at noon on 1/1/18*

  • [Quarter 2] 4/9/18 -6/17/18

  • [Quarter 3] 7/30/18 - 10/7/18
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