RC Training Half and Full Marathon

RC Training Half and Full Marathon – Register HERE

This 14 week training program is to help participants complete and finish a half or full marathon.  Participants attending this program should be currently running 15 miles per week.

*Note: This program will also help anyone training for a 15k!

  • Participants are given a weekly schedule from the coach
  • Participants meet twice per week with the coach of the program for a structured work-out
  • Participants communicate directly with the coach
  • Cost of the program varies depending on session ($125 for 14 Week, $50 for 6 Week)
  • PERKS of the program
    • 14 week training schedule
    • Experienced coaching, accountability, feedback, and a great social network to build friends and training buddies!
    • 15% discount on all regular priced and in-stock items at Running Central during the length of the program

2018 RC Training (½ Marathon & Marathon) Schedule:

*Note: This program meets twice per week on Tuesday AND Thursday.

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  • Spring Program – January 22nd – April 29th (Tuesday and Thursday 5:45PM)
  • Steamboat Classic GAP Session [7 weeks] – April 30th – June 17th (Tuesday and Thursday at 5:45pm)
    • ^Perfect to get you “race ready” for the 15K at the Steamboat Classic here in Peoria, IL!
  • Fall Program – July 2nd – October 7th (Tuesday-Thursday 5:45PM)
    • ^Perfect to get you “race ready” for the Bottle Half Marathon or the Barrel Marathon at the Whiskeydaddle Races here in Peoria, IL!
  • Winter Program [6 weeks] – October 8th – November 18th (Tuesday-Thursday 5:45PM)

RC Training Half and Full Marathon – Register HERE