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Frequently Asked Questions about RC Training

What are the 3 different training programs?

  • No More Excuses
  • RC Training 5k/10k
  • RC Training 1/2 & Full Marathon

How long does each program last?

  • No More Excuses – 10 weeks
  • RC Training 5k/10k – 12 weeks
  • RC Training 1/2 & Full – 14 weeks

Who are the programs targeted for/what kind of weekly mileage should a person be doing to participate in each program?

  • No More Excuses – True Beginner – Walk-Run/Run-Walk/Running Program
  • RC Training 5k10k – Should be able to run for 30 continuous minutes right now – pace does not matter
  • RC Training 1/2 & Full – Should be running 15+ miles per week

What are the costs of the programs?

  • No More Excuses – $250 with $125 toward shoes and $25 for reflective product at Running Central (so really it’s $100)

*If shoes have been purchased from Running Central within 3 months of the program starting and are still in good condition, this fee can be waived  – please direct any questions to

  • RC Training 5k/10k – $100
  • RC Training 1/2 & Full – $125

What will the participants receive in the training programs?

  • Weekly training schedules emailed from the coach of the program
  • Weekly training tips on products and injury prevention to help improve your training and experience while exercising
  • Opportunity to join a private Facebook group for your specific training program where the workouts will be posted and additional training tips provided
  • 15% Discount at Running Central on ALL regular priced items *This discount begins on the Monday of the first week of the training program and continues thru the last Saturday of the program

*This discount applies to everyone on your Running Central account

How are workouts communicated to the training groups?

  • Via weekly emails AND there is a private Facebook group for EACH separate training program group

Why do I need shoes and reflective product to participate in No More Excuses?

  • We have found that the majority of injuries that occur in a beginner program are a direct result of improper footwear.
  • It is important for all of our participants to be safe and be seen.  Therefore, reflective gear is mandatory for all participants.

What if I already have shoes and reflective gear from Running Central?

If I want to do the Steamboat 15k, is there a program for me?

  • *4 week free bridge program for RCT 1/2 & Full from mid-May thru Steamboat AND it is not too late to join
  • OR one can do the 5k/10k program and talk with their coach about some extra mileage

If I have a family member/friend who has disabilities, can they participate in these programs?

  • Absolutely!!!  We have people with disabilities participating in ALL 3 programs!!!! Please contact Katie Van Cleve – katie@runningcentral.comto ensure you loved one is placed in the proper training program!

What if I did Building Steam and don’t really want to do a training program like this?

  • Join Run309 on Facebook!!!  It’s a FREE group sponsored by IVS and Running Central that supports EVERYTHING running AND walking!  They get together EVERY Wednesday night and Saturday morning of the year for a run/walk!!!

Where can a customer get more information about the training programs?

Where do I register?

  • Each section above has a “REGISTER” link to click on for the day of your choice!

Who do I contact for more information regarding the program?

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