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I had a fantastic experience at running central!! The personalized fitting was special and new to me. I feel as though my knowledge about proper footware has increased as did my appreciation for great service and great shoes! Keep it up!!!

Peoria IL

I came in to buy a pair of running shoes for my son and I.  was going to just run in and buy a couple of pairs as I had never visited running central before and was unaware of the depth of service you provide. Everyone was friendly and efficient. I was definitely impressed with the service and the prices were also very competitive!

Germantown Hills IL

Everyone on the staff was friendly and helpful. They did a great job of explaining as we were going through the process. First time I have been fitted and it made a world of difference

Edwards IL

It was from my first visit with Dawn that I gained the courage and confidence to call myself a runner for the first time and commit to my first pair of running shoes with Hannah. Hannah was very kind in explaining to me my gait, my needs, pros and cons of each shoe and was attentive to my financial needs as well

Glasford IL

Since this was my first visit to the store I was quite impressed with the staff. Since the visit, I have returned for walking shoes as well. Thanks to all who have been so helpful!

Germantown Hills IL

It was my first time in your store. Impressive experience. I’ve never had shoes fit and feel this good. Staff member helped my six year old daughter pick out running shoes too

East Peoria IL

Thank you to the staff on being so courteous and patient while looking for the perfect shoe. Very knowledgeable. GREAT experience!!!

East Peoria IL

Maggie was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Answered all my questions and helped find the right fit within my budget. When my max was reached she wasn’t pushy to get me to continue to spend more. Very understanding. Much appreciated!!

Pekin IL

I was apprehensive there would only be a staff to sell running shoes. I was happy to see old, young, thin and heavy people all there to shop

Marquette Heights IL

Thank you for your expertise and kindness. It was beyond my expectation! I especially liked that when the guy who fitted me wasn’t sure about something he consulted another guy- that made me feel very special!!

Amherst OH

AMAZING experience!!! It is wonderful that I can trust the running central staff and their recommendations without worrying about being sold items that I don’t really need

Chillicothe IL

Have always heard great things about running central but you guys exceeded all my expectations!!

Pekin IL

I was given a lot of helpful information as I am new to running. Very professional and knowledgeable. The entire staff seemed to be very on the ball while I was there.

Canton IL

Once again, Running Central proves what an asset they are to our community. My family was displaced by the Washington tornado on November 17. Imagine my surprise when my daughter, who goes to Washington Middle School, hops into the car Friday and proudly shows me a beautiful new pair of shoes. (Her shoes survived but were damaged, and we hadn’t gotten around to replacing them yet.) I asked where she got them, and she said “Running Central brought shoes for us!” Thank you so very much! You guys are just a class act. I have some running gear and apparel to replace, and I’m looking forward to heading your way for some shopping soon!

Customer service = A+!! I love what you do for the community- makes me proud to be a customer!

Peoria IL