Valerie Brod

Why were you drawn to working at running central? I wanted to be able to help encourage people to simply move. I believe that we don’t have to be the strongest or the fastest in order to enjoy the sport of running.
What do you like most about working at running central? The team atmosphere. We all bring a strength to the table and enjoy working as a team to find a solution. Plus, we get the benefit of learning about cutting-edge products as they are being introduced to the market….how cool is that!

A snippet of info about your activity: (How do you stay active, when did you start running/walking/getting active, What are your personal bests, what are your current goals?) *you don’t have to answer all of these but just something short about what you do to stay active: I started running for fun in college when I found it to be a great stress reliever. Since then, I have been running/jogging 5K races with my friends and kids with more emphasis on having fun than winning. I don’t consider myself to be super speedy, but I do enjoy long steady jogs on our bike paths, especially at dusk.  I also enjoy running both the St. Jude Run and the St. Jude Memphis Half Marathon.

Start date:
September 2016

Hometown: Washington, IL

Current shoe of choice: Distance running: Newton
5K or less distances: New Balance
Standing/walking all day at work: Hoka