Sue Schliepsiek

Why were you drawn to working at Running Central? Being a running myself I was drawn to working there.  Whenever I would shop there I always thought it would be a fun place to work.

What do you like most about working at Running Central? What is most fun about working at Running Central are all the different people I have met.  We really are fitting people for their life.  Running Central is not just for runners.  I have helped all different ages and needs from teenagers with foot pain to people who just want comfort from being on their feet all day.

What do you like doing outside of Running Central?:   When I’m not running or running around with my three active kids, I’m usually on the bike (road or mountain).  I fell in love with biking when living in the mountains of North Carolina years ago.  Since being back in Peoria I’ve completed the IronMan Wisconsin and have finished many IM 70.3’s.

Start Date: July 2017
Hometown: Peoria, IL.
Current shoe of Choice: Asics Nimbus 19