Sara Garber

Why were you drawn to working at Running Central? I initially needed a part time job when I was still a student at Bradley. Running Central seemed like a great job to share my excitement about running and fitness in general, as well as a place to learn from more experienced runners on how I can improve my own running! Boy am I thankful that it ended up being so great!

What do you like most about working at Running Central? I love my co-workers! The team at Running Central is so fun to be around! Going to work each day is isn’t bad at all when you get to spend time serving the community next to your friends!

What do you like doing outside of Running Central? I started running about 8 years ago, just doing 5ks. It was a challenge for me to just finish a 3 mile race. A friend in college challenged me to a half-marathon and ever since, I have been hooked on long distance races. I think half-marathons are the perfect distance, but find marathons a fun challenge and like the feeling of pushing my body past what I ever thought I could do. I am having a baby in March, so my current goal is just to get back out on the road soon after baby is born! Aside from running, I really enjoy yoga as another way to stay in shape!

Start date: I started working at Running Central back on Main and Sheridan from 2008-2010. Traveled for three years doing campus ministry, and have been back at RC since June 2013.
Hometown: Orland Park, IL
Current shoe of choice: Newton Motion