Rebecca Trecek

Why was I drawn to working at Running Central? In 2009 when my running journey began – Running Central was the 1st place I went after buying shoes online that just didn’t seem right.  I will never forget walking into the store on Main Street, and Adam being in true Adam fashion…. said, “you are in the totally wrong shoe” (it was a little more colorful than that). By the time I had ran up and down Main Street several times in different shoes – finally found “the one” that felt like heaven on my feet.  And that started the connection and became an appendage to the Running Central Family.

What do you like most about working at Running Central? The people that walk through the door!  LOVE when I’m assigned to be a greeter and I get to meet everyone that walks through the door.  From the little kids getting their 1st pair of shoes to the grandma’s that make me really miss my grandma’s who are now in heaven.  Love chatting with them, sharing a laugh, hearing their story and seeing them leave with a smile and excitement on their face and sometimes a hug. It truly is a “family” when you work at Running Central.  We have our good days and bad  – but that’s all part of family!  We know what it takes to get the job done and we do it.  I’ve worked in other retail environments and there just is NO connectivity.  At Running Central there is compassion, care and concern not just for the customer coming through our door but for each other.

How do you stay active? What do I do to stay active?  When am I NOT active?  My 1st love  – running.  That begin in 2009 when I needed a mental “time out” — I needed a way to have ME time.  I needed a way to process life stuff and quiet time — running was just that.  I could process the day, pray over the day, cry — whatever – this was My time for ME and learned IT’S TOTALLY OKAY! The close 2nd is any chance I can get when the weather allows I am on the water – jet skiing, boating, fishing.  Hello!  Sunshine & water – what more could you want? Last – volunteering – LOVE being a part of an amazing crew that organizes, directs and successfully pulls off one of the largest 10k races in the area – The Morton Pumpkin Festival Classic 10k!

Start Date: “original” start date — somewhere in 2010??

Hometown: Peoria, IL

Current shoe of choice: NB 1500