Kelsey Wright

Why were you drawn to working at running central? Certainly no medal winning, first place finish, record having accolades under my belt, but I have always enjoyed running and participating in the array of local 5k’s (perhaps, not always for the exercise aspect as my first and foremost reason…can’t argue with the after party… but hey, it’s keeping me active). And I’m all about community and doing my best to support local businesses.  Running Central has such a progressive vision in bringing health and wellness to the downtown culture, and to be a part of that is very exciting.

What do you like most about working at running central? The customer service is unmatched.  I still have so much to learn, but it’s been great helping customers find solutions.  Every individual who walks through the door has their own story and its fun to play a piece of it, whether it’s to prepare for their first marathon, or to finally find comfort in a shoe for very unhappy feet, the team at Running Central is truly making a positive difference.

What do you like doing outside of Running Central? I love to go for a run along Grandview, the view is spectacular so it’s easy to get lost in the moment, while getting a nice sweat in. Trail run/walks are a great way to break up the monotonous exercise schedule, while clocking in some miles among the scenery. Taking my boys to an empty ball field and just trying to keep up with them, that exhausts me just thinking about the activity it generates.   My favorite way to stay active by far!

Start date: March 2017

Hometown: Peoria

Current shoe of choice: Ladies Altra Torin 2.5 NYC.  Beyond comfort…crazy fun style too!