Katrina Spitzer

Why were you drawn to working at Running Central? I was drawn to Running Central because of its positive atmosphere and passion for footwear. Everyone is always so happy and cheerful; it’s contagious and I enjoy being around my teammates and awesome customers! My favorite thing about working at Running Central is seeing the look on a customer’s face when they find the perfect shoe. I love being able to help others make their feet happier and comfier. Plus, having the opportunity to meet amazing customers doesn’t cease to make me smile!

How do you stay active? To stay active, I am routinely lifting weights and visiting the gym to exercise. My goal is to steadily increase my weight to build up my strength. Right now, I can’t run due to knee problems, but I hope to be able to start running again this year!

Start date: March 2016
Hometown: Washington, IL
Current shoe of choice: Saucony Triumph ISO 2