Danny DeGirolamo

Why are you drawn to working at Running Central? I have been with Running Central since the beginning of March 2014, and definitely what drew me to it was the people. I love the running community that Peoria has to offer, and between the RC team and the customers that come in, they make it such a pleasure to be working at Running Central.

How do you stay active? I didn’t start running till about my senior year in high school, and it was mainly to lose weight. I have lost about 50 pounds and in the best shape of my life so far. My goal is to be able to help others achieve their goals, and RC allows me to accomplish this. I now run on a daily basis just to stay in shape and take in the local scenery.

Start date: March 2014

Hometown: North Royalton, Ohio

Shoe of choice: Nike Free 5.0