Brian Himmel

Why were you drawn to working at Running Central? Like many, I was originally drawn to Running Central by their fantastic line-up of products and apparel.  After visiting the store several times, though, I came to realize that Running Central stood apart from other stores of its kind simply due to its amazing quality of customer service.  Every customer that walked in the door received the same level of outstanding treatment and walked out the door with everything they needed.  I knew I wanted to be apart of this, and in May of 2016, I began work at the store as a kids-fitter, cashier, and greeter.

What do you like most about working at Running Central? My favorite part of working at the store has to be making sure each customer leaves the store with just the right gear.

What do you like doing outside of Running Central? When I’m not working at the store, I spend most of my time running with my high school cross-country and track teams and mountain biking with friends. My current goals are to go sub 10:30 in the 2 mile, sub 4:50 in the mile, and sub 16:30 next cross-country season.  I also look forward to being a senior cross-country captain next year.

Start Date: 5/28/16

Hometown: Morton

Current Shoe of Choice: Nike Zoom Structure