Adam White

I bought my first pair of running shoes at Running Central for T & F when I was in 5th grade! I have been a loyal fan ever since! I was beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to purchase the store with my brother, Ian, in December of 2007. My wife, Marie, and I became the sole owners in 2010. She and I both work at the store and are responsible for the day to day operations and implementation of our mission! Upon taking over the business, I made it my mission to provide everyone—runners, walkers, joggers, and everyone in between—with proper footwear and apparel to make this journey called life the most enjoyable it can be! What I love most about RC is working with our incredible team and being able to help the community by delivering on our mission!

How do I stay active? Well, my family and the staff would probably ask “how do you slow down?” I am constantly on the move! My biggest joy in being active is keeping up with our toddler daughter. SHE is active! Marie says that she gets her high energy from ME!

Start date: December 2007
Hometown: Germantown Hills, IL
Current shoe of choice: Whatever my Superfeet are in!

Marie White

I started working at Running Central at nights and on weekends when Adam and Ian bought the store. I was a paralegal during the day. I am extremely detail oriented, so I helped them with the books and accounting. I also helped with some creative aspects of marketing and branding of RC! On St. Patrick’s Day 2008, I started working here full time. There are so many reasons why I love working here! One is that our staff is AMAZING!! They are seriously THE BEST!! Coming to work is like being with family! Another reason is because it is so thrilling when customers find the perfect shoe and their feet are finally happy!!! I am not a runner, but I love running! I love the sport and the people are truly amazing!

I stay active by walking and working out with my trainer…did I mention TRYING to keep up with my husband AND our daughter???

Start date: December 2007
Hometown: Morton, IL
Current shoe of choice: Saucony Triumph