Our Fit Philosophy

At Running Central we say, “Get there from here.” This mantra guides our Fit Philosophy.  We could talk about a fit process, but that sounds robotic, and it isn’t special.  What about our customers who come in for solutions that have nothing to do with footwear?  The beauty of a Fit Philosophy is that it transcends a shoe, sock, or any durable product we sell.  Sure, if you come into the store and are looking for shoes, we are going to size your foot with a traditional Brannock device to properly measure your foot’s length, width, and instep.  Yes, we are going to watch you walk without shoes to evaluate the “flexibility” of your ankle joint in motion.  Additionally, we are going to scan your feet to evaluate specific areas of pressure and how weight is distributed across the surface area of your feet.

These steps are important to properly fitting one’s feet, but really, that is not what makes us different, as any good shoe store should be doing all of these.  Where our fit philosophy is different, and what sets us apart, is the diligent focus on thoughtfully listening to and engaging with our customers to uncover their individual needs.  In doing so, we are able to provide true and lasting solutions to help our customers improve their experience in this journey called life, one step at a time.