Shop Local

Why Shop Local?

Ten great reasons to shop local

  • Shopping local creates jobs.
  • Shopping local keeps our communities unique.
  • Local independent shops invest more in their communities.
  • Shopping local retains our distinctiveness.
  • Shopping local reduces environmental impact.
  • Local unique businesses create character and prosperity.
  • Shopping local keeps more of your money in your hometown.
  • Shopping local helps promote healthy competition and diversity, leading to more consumer choices.
  • Shopping local saves public sector services.
  • Local businesses provide better service because they value you more.

Our Future!

Because you’ll be living with the results! Every dollar you spend shapes what your community will become.

Giving Back!

Local independent businesses donate more per sales dollar to local non-profits, events, and teams, and engage more directly.

A Healthier Environment!

Independent businesses consume less land, locate closer to residents and create less traffic and air pollution.