Local Businesses Step Forward

Caterpillar’s announcement to move its headquarters to the Chicago area shook the river city. But, other businesses still call Peoria home and consider it their headquarters.

Thursday, business owners came together announcing a new movement. More than 30 business owners stepped forward as part of the “Peoria is My Headquarters” movement.  They want to show the community that we are more than one company and that they are here to stay.

“My wife and I put a lot on the line and we hedged our bet on the community. Here on Peoria.” Adam White, Co-Owner of Running Central, said.

Adam White started his run as owner of Running Central 10 years ago.

“I had this idea that Running Central could be so much more.” White said.

White and his wife took the business from its humble beginnings as a shoe store on Main Street.

“When I took the store over in December of 2007 there was 1 full time member and 3 part time.” White explained.

Running Central now employs more than 25 employees.

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