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MAX VO2Testing

Max VO2 Test and Heart Rate Training

The recreational or more serious athlete who wants to make the most out of their

training will benefit from metabolic testing, which provides information on strengths and

weaknesses in running, cycling, swimming and other endurance activities. Contrary to

popular belief, metabolic testing is not only for pro athletes; in fact, testing may be even

more valuable to amateurs hoping to maximize their performance on a restricted time

schedule. Metabolic testing can ensure an individual is training at the correct intensity

and will help achieve better results in the same or less amount of time. Furthermore,

regular testing throughout the season can be beneficial to tracking and quantifying


Metabolic testing only works when the individual comes away with a clear

understanding of how and why the training approach needs to be altered to improve

performance. I have the expertise and time to educate the client on the meaning of their

results and the implication of those results on personal training goals.

The Evaluation provides a unique view of the body’s current and potential fitness &

performance level. This assessment can be geared toward general health (injury

potential, fitness), general athletic ability, or toward performance in a particular sport.

Choices include, but are not limited to the following:

1. General Health & Fitness or

2. Sport Specific Performance for: running, walking, swimming, cycling,

The evaluation requires one hour. The assessment includes a cardiovascular fitness

evaluation (a treadmill test to determine maximum oxygen consumption [V02 max],

anaerobic threshold (AT) and appropriate target heart rate training levels.

A report will be generated along with interpretation of results and guidance for improved

performance. Safe and attainable goals will be set. Programs can be designed if desired

specific to individual needs and will take into account the demands of your job, hobbies

and lifestyle.


For more information on Heart Rate Testing, or to schedule an appointment call Blair

Gorsuch, M.S., Exercise Physiologist at 621-4106 or e-mail him at


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